The Sacred Public Square

I wrote this back in 1993. I could have written it yesterday. It is as relevant now as it was then. The same basic conflict is going on. The same forces are gnawing at the roots of civilization. Only the disease has progressed apace. It is a sickness fast approaching death.

Some of the juridical formulations I introduce I have further developed, first in A Common Law, and later in Common Law & Natural Rights. Of course, the discussions contained elsewhere on this site (e.g., the Natural Rights Paradigm also develop these ideas. F.J. Stahl’s formulation of the relationship of natural law to positive law, and of law to rights (contained in Principles of Law, Private Law) are difficult to improve upon. I refer the reader to those discussions for more depth and detail.

Here are the three parts of the article:

Part I: The Abandonment of the Gentleman’s Agreement

Part II: The Reins of the Body Politic

Part III: Benedictine Infrastructure