The Meaning of National Sovereignty

This article was originally published in two parts back in 1991 and 1992, in the runup to European Union. The questions inspired by that colossal development precipitated an in-depth inquiry into the notions of both nationhood and sovereignty. This article is one of the results. The key role of the church is laid bare, as well as the connection between the Spanish School of Salamanca and Protestant Calvinism. This latter also formed the inspiration of much of my later work, culminating in the book A Common Law. My first of many explorations of the work of Johannes Althusius is also contained herein.

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The Meaning of National Sovereignty

The Contribution of the Church to the Genesis of Nationhood

Ruben Alvarado

© 1991, 1992 Ruben Alvarado

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Part I: National Sovereignty and European Union

Part II: Vitoria and Althusius